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Recent Publications

1. Ben-Nissan B., Latella B.A., and Bendavid A. (2011) Biomedical Thin Films: Mechanical Properties. : P. Ducheyne, K.E. Healy, D.W. Hutmacher, D.W. Grainger, C.J. Kirkpatrick (eds.) in Comprehensive Biomaterials, vol. 3, pp. 63-73 Elsevier.

2. B. Ben-Nissan, A.H. Choi, D.W. Green, B.A. Latella, J. Chou and A.,Bendavid. (2011), , Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Nanocoatings by Sol-Gel Method for Clinical Applications, In Biological and Biomedical Coatings Handbook, Volume:1, Processing and Characterisation, CRC Press, Editor, S. Zhang, Taylor and Francis publishers. ISBN:9781439849958, (K12269), Chapter 2, pp. 37-79.

3. J. Chou, B. Ben-Nissan, D. W. Green, S. M. Valenzuela and L. Kohan, (2011), Targeting and dissolution characteristics of bone forming and antibacterial drugs by harnessing the structure of micro-spherical shells from coral beach sand, Advanced Engineering Materials, Volume 13, 1-2, pages 93–99, February, 2011.

4. Ben-Nissan B. (2003), “Natural Bioceramics: from coral to bone and beyond”, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, [7], Issues 4–5, August–October 2003, 283–288.



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