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Biotomo Technology Platform

Biotomo trading as Biomimetics(Au) has developed a range of bone repair and regeneration materials that have superior bioactivity and strength which can be successfully used in load bearing applications.
Natural bone consists of approximately 70% inorganic material that resembles synthetic Hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate) with interconnected pore structure of 100 - 500 micron to allow vascularisation and bone growth.

BioTomo Pty Ltd utilizes a synthetic bone like material of 150 to 400 micron pore size with appropriate interconnectivity and mechanical strength.

With a transformative innovation, biomaterials can be coated with bone-like carbonate apatite thin films using our unique nanotechnology. These materials can be coated onto surfaces of any size and shape.

This process preserves the larger interpores necessary for successful osseo-integration. Increased surface area generated with this coating increases both the strength and bioactivity and hence produces better and accelerated bonding to the natural bone, faster healing and reduced hospitalization

Natural bone has osteoinductivity that allows new bone growth both internal and external structures. All biocompatible synthetic materials are osteoconductive as scaffolds and allow only external surface reactivity and growth. Biomimetics’ biomaterials are all carbonate hydroxyapatite material with osteoinductive properties similar to the natural bone that is not observed in any other synthetic material currently available in the market place.

In addition this uniquely structured bone graft material with natural bone like chemistry and fine interconnected porous architecture may be used for drug elution and dissolution in appropriate applications.

The company’s inventive technology platform and their advantages include:

Platform Component

Material Production Process

HaP Product Range

Putty and Gels

Enhanced bio-activity
Surgical benefits
Efficacy vs. current solutions
Reduced number of procedures
Patient Outcomes
Reduced surgical interventions
Minimise recovery time

Nanocoating Technology


A range of ceramic and mixed oxides, and calcium phosphates
High adhesive characteristics
of applied coating
Enhanced bio-activity
Wide usage potential in both medical
and non-medical applications

Bone Graft Material

Long bone
Provides load bearing capability

Provides enhanced bio-activity

Slow drug release
Dissolution rate controllable
calcium phosphate delivery systems
Polymeric delivery systems

Pharmaceutical delivery during implant surgery by an innovative design

Antibiotic ad bone repair and
regeneration drug delivery


Intellectual Property Status

The company has an extensive intellectual property portfolio covering its current product development activities.
The company core intellectual property is protected by patents accepted both in the United States and Australia and a European patent still pending. Biomimetics (Au) is currently expanding its intellectual property portfolio to incorporate additional divisional filings and further provisional patent applications.



Biotomo 2008
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