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Research Team Develops Ground-Breaking Nano-coating
Technique to Accelerate Bone Healing and Targeted Drug Delivery

BioTomo (Biomimetics) is a unique a new innovative company with a range of highly bioactive bone repair and regeneration biomaterials with a controlled surface chemistry and IP protected nano-coating technology designed to enhance bioactivity and hence accelerate bone healing, supply good mechanical strength, and be fully resorbed and replaced by bone.

Through a proprietary IP protected manufacturing process, these materials once implanted, the key proteins for osteointegration are harnessed by bioactive coatings that initiates direct bone cell proliferation, adhesion and differentiation.

Next generation biomaterials such as BioAlmog® and Biostar® represent a major breakthrough in the treatment of bone disorders and slow drug delivery in the prevention of infection after an orthopaedic or maxillofacial surgery.
Biotomos’ osteoinductive bone repair and regeneration materials and absorbable devices can be used by surgeons and clinicians to regenerate bone in orthopaedic fractures, the spine and in cases involving bone loss due to trauma, disease or surgery.

Our on-going research and development programmes are co-ordinated within the framework of a number of collaborative works and combined efforts from a number of international universities and hospitals to engineer new generation osteoinductive and osteoconductive synthetic, absorbable scaffolds with unique internal architecture with stem cells and biogenic additives for the regeneration of bone and treatment of infection, osteomyelitis and on long term combat bone loss due to osteoporosis.


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