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Biotomo Company Profile

Biomimetics technologies, has been developed by BioTomo Pty Ltd utilising more than a decade of research, and has been designed by a team of biomedical
scientists and surgeons with over 40 years of experience in the medical field.

BioTomo Pty Ltd trading as Biomimetics(Biomimetics Au) is an innovative company developing novel orthopaedic and maxillofacial biomaterials with improved osteoinductive (rather than only osteoconductive) and bio-active thin coatings, to be used as bone repair and regeneration as well as slow drug delivery materials and devices.

Biotomo's bone repair materials have high mechanical properties for appropriate load bearing characteristics. In addition some of the thin film coated materials and devices, (with the use of appropriate material selection and design), can be utilised as corrosion barrier or abrasion resistant protective coatings in a range of engineering applications.

Nanocoating technology uses ceramic oxides, mix oxides, and calcium phosphates for corrosion protection, increased surface hardness and increased bioactivity for metallic materials using low temperature processes. Currently titanium and cobalt chromium alloys have been successfully coated with a range of ceramics. New generation optical coatings are also in progress for energy saving applications.

The patented platform of technologies holds the potential to transform surgical outcomes for patients and surgeons by increasing surgical efficiency and reducing healing time.

The research and development pipeline for the company holds a number of exciting new innovations to the core technology platform, positioning the company to remain at the leading edge of bio-material development.


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