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A range of BioTomo bone repair and regeneration materials (a); platelets of bone like calcium phosphate nanopowders (b); interconnected pore structure of the biotomo BioAlmog material (c).

Technical Progress

Third Party Verified Proof of Concept studies:

• Characterisation: the structure, morphology, chemistry, purity, homogeneity, physical and chemical properties and in vitro dissolution characteristics of all materials.

• Both independent third party and in-house mechanical testing and integrity analysis.

• Micro-adhesion and nano-hardness testing.

• Wear and tribological testing of the nano-coated implants.

• In vitro cell culture studies (osteoclasts and osteoblasts).

• Simulated Body Fluid (Biocompatibility) tests.

• Incorporation of MSC, proteins and other biogenic additives-preliminary analyses.

• In vitro dissolution studies of slow drug delivery devices.

• Small animal trials of the bone grafts and drug delivery structures.

• Preliminary large animal trials.

• Long bone replacement designs and prototype production.

• Application of nanocoatings to orthopaedic and dental implants and surgical devices.


Porous calcium phosphate scaffolds

Biotomo 2008
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